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Welcome to APC Surveying & Building Limited

Our expertise covers various main areas including
  • Conduit Condition Evaluation;
  • Water Leakage Detection;
  • Pipe Rehabilitation;
  • Utility Survey; and
  • Slope Leakage Inspection for Buried Water-carrying Services.
Conduit Condition Evaluation: To inspect the underground pipeline and manhole
condition by Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) and Man Entry Survey. This method
provides an effective and safe way to investigate the condition of pipes with diameter
ranging from 80mm to 2100mm.

Water Leakage Detection: To locate the point / line of leak through Leak Noise
Correlator (LNC) or Mechanical Listening Device (MLD). This is a non-destructive way to
figure out the suspected location of leakage to facilitate subsequent repairing work.

Pipe Rehabilitation: To repair the defected pipeline or section through pipe lining (i.e.
part lining / full lining). This is a trenchless method to structural / operational defected
pipes without carrying out excavation work, and hence avoid any disturbances to members
of the public.

Utility Survey: To locate the alignment and depth of underground utilities (i.e. power
cables, water pipes, etc.) through Pipe and Cable Locator (PCL). PCL is an effective tool
to assist you to carry out safe excavation by minimizing the chance of damaging the
underground utilities.

Slope Inspection: To inspect and monitor all Buried Water Carrying Services (BWCS)
affecting slopes in order to ascertain the stability of slope. The techniques of conduit
condition evaluation, water leakage detection and utility survey should all be employed in
slope inspection works.



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